Monday, June 21, 2010

No longer lacking in tomato plants!

In a previous post, I wrote about my tomato plants that got sunburned...well they survived the burn and have since been transplanted outside, though they have yet to prove to me that they're going to make it. some of my other beds, I have masses of tomato and ground cherry plants growing! When the sprouts first started showing up, I thought they were actually dandelion sprouts, but now that they're bigger, they look and smell like tomato plants. They're mostly in my spinach and chard beds and paths which are both part of my early season harvest, so I'm going to leave the tomato 'volunteers' to their own devices and see what kind of tomatoes I get! I think they're in the area that had heirloom cherry tomatoes last year (which I didn't plant again this year) but I won't know what I get until they start producing fruit.

Tomorrow morning, I head into the GTA for my first vegetable delivery of the season. I've been so excited to be harvesting these last two days because last year I didn't really get to do any real harvesting until September. I cut, washed, spun and bagged salad greens (a green oak leaf, red romaine and red/green batavian type lettuce), spinach and baby chard (a rainbow mix of many colours). I also harvested all my bok choy because much of it has started to bolt from the heat (no more bok choy until I seed a second bed). I've taken the row cover off my bok choy/daikon radish/turnip bed, which is always more fun than putting it on! The vegetable package this week will also include spring turnips, radishes and garlic scapes. I did harvest the very first of the sugar snap peas, but they're still about a week away from their full production, so not everyone will get them yet. I can't wait to have tons of sugar snap peas to eat!

I hope traffic in and around Toronto tomorrow will be bearable. I'm definitely avoiding any G8/20 areas!


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